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If you want to go fast, go alo­ne. If you want to go far, go together.”

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Who we are

We are the pio­neers of Model-based Pul­se Wave Analysis!

2015: The begin­ning of our rese­arch in the field of Pul­se Wave Analysis.

2017: After inten­si­ve pro­ject work, we were able to recrea­te an ori­gi­nal­ly ana­log, hand-wired artery model for the first time using spe­cial soft­ware. This modi­fied model can simu­la­te human pul­se waves faithfully.

2018: The year of our decisi­ve breakth­rough: we adapt­ed the model to repro­du­ce any subject’s spe­ci­fic pul­se wave cur­ves: The birth of Model-based Pul­se Wave Ana­ly­sis (mbPWA) and our patent-pen­ding vas­cu­lar avatar.

2019: Based on our con­tin­ued rese­arch and the latest medi­cal know­ledge gai­ned throug­hout many mea­su­re­ment series, we intro­du­ced the novel car­diac para­me­ter LVPT (Left Ven­tri­cu­lar Pla­teau Time). This spe­ci­fic para­me­ter defi­nes various dia­gno­sti­cal­ly high­ly inte­res­t­ing car­diac prel­oads in our arte­ri­al model.

2021: The past year marks the begin­ning of our mea­su­re­ment pro­jects at seve­ral Ger­man dia­ly­sis sta­ti­ons. The aim is to vali­da­te LVPT as a para­me­ter of volu­me sta­tus in dia­ly­sis pati­ents, as it has cru­cial infor­ma­ti­ve value for the car­diac risk pro­fi­le of this pati­ent group. 

2022: Sin­ce the begin­ning of this year, we have been con­duc­ting in-depth stu­dies to opti­mi­ze the dry weight of dia­ly­sis pati­ents: For this pur­po­se, we are vali­da­ting various para­me­ters in the arte­ri­al model for the ear­ly detec­tion of car­diac insuf­fi­ci­en­ci­es and atheros­cle­ro­sis. Ano­ther goal is the metro­lo­gi­cal objec­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of car­diac risks asso­cia­ted with stress.

2023: Pro­duct launch of the Erka­me­ter 133, the suc­ces­sor of the Vas­cAs­sist 2, which alre­a­dy drew on Model-based Pul­se Wave Ana­ly­sis. We deve­lo­ped the new device in coope­ra­ti­on with ERKA, Bad Tölz.